Spring Onion

  • Simple Miso Soup

    This is a simple recipe for indispensable Japanese Miso Soup. Miso is made about 1300 years ago and used to be a luxury, but now many Japanese people love it.…
  • Steamed Salmon with Mushrooms

    Baking salmon in a foil creates a steam inside it and gently cook the salmon. This will give you a moist and mouth watering Salmon bake instantly.
  • Potato and Tuna Warm Salad

    Feels like one more dish to add? This warm salad is satisfying and heaty for a cool weather.
  • Okonomi Yaki – Japanese Savoury Pancake

    Just chop and mix any vegetables from your fridge and making like a pancake!! Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake and it is popular at a local japanese festivals. You…
  • Teriyaki Eggplant

    Teriyaki sauce can be traced back to early Japanese immigrants who settled in Hawaii where it was created using local products such as pineapple juice and brown sugar, that were blended…
  • Simple Fried Rice

    The exact origins of fried rice are lost to history. It's believed that it was invented sometime during the Sui dynasty (A.D. 589–618). It is a dish of cooked rice that…
  • SimpleMorishChicken1

    Simple Moreish Chicken

    What's better than a happy and lively chicken dish? Well, tender and juicy breast meat of course. If you're looking for that perfect dinner tonight then this is it! The…