• No Sugar High-Protein Vanilla Slice

    This is our favourite BUT with NO SUGAR. You can have a big piece of the slice for your afternoon tea.
  • Vegetable medley with sausages

    Beautiful vegetable with a clean flavour. A secret Umami flavour comes from sausages.
  • 7 Minutes Meatloaf

    7 Minute Cheesy Meatloaf

    Meatloaf has its origins from centuries ago and iterations became a staple of the American diet. A hit of curry flavour makes this Japanese interpretation a real hit with the…
  • Light and Fluffy Prawn Asparagus Omelette

    Make an omelette in the microwave? Yes! This recipe is designed for the perfect fluffy egg dish with fresh asparagus and prawns. It would be a great side if you're…