• Steamed Salmon with Mushrooms

    Baking salmon in a foil creates a steam inside it and gently cook the salmon. This will give you a moist and mouth watering Salmon bake instantly.
  • Potato and Tuna Warm Salad

    Feels like one more dish to add? This warm salad is satisfying and heaty for a cool weather.
  • Vegetable medley with sausages

    Beautiful vegetable with a clean flavour. A secret Umami flavour comes from sausages.
  • 7 Minutes Meatloaf

    7 Minute Cheesy Meatloaf

    Meatloaf has its origins from centuries ago and iterations became a staple of the American diet. A hit of curry flavour makes this Japanese interpretation a real hit with the…
  • Oyako Don – Japanese savoury melty omelette with Rice

    “Donburi” or “Don” is a Japanese word meaning large rice bowls. They are larger than ordinary rice bowls. It is easy to cook and quick to eat! There are so…
  • Nikujaga – Japanese Traditional Casserole

    Nikujaga or Japanese Meat and Potato Stew is an iconic home-cooked dish in Japan. Every family has a slightly different variation and they pass on the recipe to their children and…