• Steamed Salmon with Mushrooms

    Baking salmon in a foil creates a steam inside it and gently cook the salmon. This will give you a moist and mouth watering Salmon bake instantly.
  • Tuna and Carrot Salad

    Be surprised by amazing little salad. This is a super quick and tasty side dish if you'd like to add a bit of colour on your table or enjoy as…
  • Nikujaga – Japanese Traditional Casserole

    Nikujaga or Japanese Meat and Potato Stew is an iconic home-cooked dish in Japan. Every family has a slightly different variation and they pass on the recipe to their children and…
  • Quick Keema Curry

    This Keema Curry will appeal to everyone. It's a quick and easy meal that is also delicious! Just chop up some vegetables into your favourite microwaveable dish to create an…